29th November 2015


The Fantasia Festival Souk with everything a belly dancer needs from costumes, class clothes, jewellery, accessories and CDs and DVDsWe are pround to announce a new event based on the fantastic Fantasia Festival in London!

The event will have three spectacular attractions:

The Show
The Hathor Award Competition
The Souk


The Souk

At 10:30am our wonderful souk will open. Many of your favourite stalls will be there, selling as much dance gear as you can carry home!

The Competition with Live Music

At 11:00am we will be running part 2 of the Hathor Award competition. This will involve up to 20 dancers competing for the Hathor Award prize by dancing with live music.

A workshop at Fantasia Festival in London, with JWAAD, belly dance, bellydance, souk, competition, and fabulous teachers


The Show

At 1:30pm the show will start. This year ANYONE can apply to be in the show - first come, first served. Plus we will of course have some famous dancers from the UK scene.





The Venue

Our Sunday Spectacular will take place in Camden, London. The venue is 5 minutes walk from Camden Town tube station.

Cecil Sharp House
2 Regent's Park Road

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The Fantasia Festival Souk with everything a dancer needs from costumes, class clothes, accessories, jewellery, CDs and DVDs in Chiswick London in December each yearApplying to Dance

If you or your group would like to perform in the show click here. All dancers in the show will need to buy tickets now. Performers slots are likely to sell out fast.

Please bear in mind the stage isn't as big as in our last venue. It is 8 metres wide by 3 metres deep. There's an extra area of 8 metres wide by 1.5 metres deep across the back, which is not usable for stepping on, but you can swing arms or veils across it.

Performers Tickets

You can book online and all tickets let you into the whole event. All tickets cost £22.00, and with a ticket you can roam around the souk, watch the competition and see the rest of the show.

Tickets for non-performers will go on sale in September at £22 each


10:30am - Open
11:30am - Hathor Award Competition
2:00pm - The Show
5:00pm - Close


Fantasia Festival

This year we are unable to run a full Fantasia Festival because we lost the use of the theatre at our usual venue. Unfortunately, when we were informed about this there wasn't enough time to book anywhere else for the full weekend. For this reason we are running an alternative this year in a venue that is available for one day only. There will be no workshops on the day.

Next year we hope to run a full festival again


Feedback from Previous Fantasia Festivals

"A really friendly, buzzy atmosphere. It was great!"
"My favourite bellydance event."
"The show was awesome! I never knew there were so many different styles of bellydance."


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