Two competitions in one!
Double the chance of winning!
Several Prizes to win!
A competition with live music!

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This is a new double competition with double the chance of winning a prize!

Competitors will go through an intensive learning process in the form of two workshops, one with pre-recorded music and one with live music, plus a private mentoring session with one of the teachers. After this period of training, the competition will take place in the form of two performances, one to CD music of each dancer's choosing and one live music from the Baladi Blues Ensemble.

Many competitions involve dancers arriving with very little knowledge of the criteria the judges are looking for or who they are competing against. To help with this we decided to run a competition with an intensive mentoring period beforehand, so no dancer competes without the confidence that she is completely in the know, and able to show herself at her best.


Come to watch part 1 of the competition on Saturday 13th December at 7:15pm (your show ticket includes this - click here to book), and part 2 on Sunday with live music at 2:00pm (you can buy a ticket for this separately - click here to book). Or click here to book one ticket to include both parts of the competition plus the Saturday evening show.

The Workshops

The workshops will include:

- Advanced technique to include in your performance
- Choreography creation for competitions
- Performance skills and communicating onstage
- Personal presentation and costuming
- Developing your unique style
- Working with and creating a dance to live music
- What judges are looking for in your dancing
- Managing your stagefright

These workshops are unique to this competition, and will be taught by two well-known dance experts.


All entrants will be eligible for a private one-to-one mentoring session with one of the teachers. This can be used to fine tune choreography, technique, performance skills or for adding the X factor to your performance. You will be expected to contact the teacher to arrange a mutually convenient time. There will also be the opportunity to film yourself dancing and send it to the teachers for analysis to see how your choreography or technique is progressing.

The Teachers

Josephine Wise has been a competition judge for many years, both at her own competitions and at those run by other organisers here and in Europe. Having been a dancer and teacher for over 30 years, Josephine has trained many of the best dancers in the UK, and still trains dancers to professional level. The standards within her school, JWAAD, are the highest in the UK, and the JWAAD Diploma courses are all independently accredited. Jo has developed an accessible way of teaching and nurturing the talent of individual dancers and performers, including bringing out each dancer's unique style, which is essential for competition.

Josephine's own dancing career has included top nightclubs, high society weddings and parties, and many shows for members of Middle Eastern royal family members. Her choreography has been seen in her shows for Johara Dance Company, as well as for two previous companies, and for the theatre and opera here and in France.


Maëlle is a teacher and multi-award winning performer. She was the winner of the UK Belly Dance Trophy 2011-12, and got 3rd place in the Fantasy/Fusion category at Bellydancer os the World in Germany, 2013. She started her stage experience at the age of 4, being in a musical for children. She did this for 10 years while she was training as a rhythmic gymnast.

Competitions have been part of her life. She competed for the first time at the age of 7. She has developed her own techniques for preparing and handling the pressure of competition, and she will be sharing these during the workshops.

Maëlle has been professionally working as a belly dance performer since 2009 in restaurants, clubs, weddings and corporate events in the UK and Europe. She is a soloist in Johara Dance Company, a principle dancer in Company of Dreams, and a soloist in Ozgen's show 'Ask'.

Jo & Maëlle

Between us we know what the judges are looking for and how to achieve it. We will mentor you through the process and help you to create the best presentations you can.

The Competition

This will take place on both days of the Fantasia Festival in London, on December 13 and 14. Part 1 will be on Saturday evening, and each competitor will present a solo onstage, using a CD of her own choosing and choreography she has created during the previous weeks. Part 2 will be on Sunday afternoon, and each competitor will present a solo onstage with live music from the Baladi Blues Ensemble. There will be time to practice with the band in the second workshop.

The Fantasia Festival

The Fantasia Festival takes place all day on Saturday and Sunday, with workshops, a souk, and a gala show after part 1 of the competition. Click here for more information.

The Prizes

Prizes will be awarded for the following:
- Best Performance of a Choreographed Solo (to a CD)
- Best Performance to Live Music
- Greatest Improvement During the Competition
- Audience's Favourite

The prizes will include:

1st Prize Winner
- A listing with Book a Belly dance agency
- An interview with NADA Magazine
- 1 year membership of NADA including 3 magazines, teacher listing on their website and magazine, money off events and retailers and reduced rate advertising in NADA magazine
- 1 year insurance with NADA
- Free workshops and a performance at the Orientalisches Tanzfestival in Stuttgart, Germany in March 2015
- A voucher for money off a costume or a trip to Egypt from Farida Dance
- An opportunity to perform at the following year's Fantasia Festival and free workshops throughout the weekend

2nd and 3rd Place Winners
- A copy of the most recent issue of NADA Magazine

Entering The Hathor Award Competition

Entries are now closed.

Entrance to the competition includes the following:
18th October 10:30-3:00 - Workshop
29th November 11:00-3:30 - Workshop with a live band
October/November - Private session with one of the teachers
13th December - Competition show on Saturday evening
14th December - Competition show with live band on Sunday afternoon


If you have any questions please click here to email Maëlle