Kay Taylor initially completed the JWAAD Course herself in 1998. She found it invaluable and has been passionate about it ever since. Kay went on to establish an international name for herself as a performer, teacher and organiser.

Kay Taylor head of JWAAD training program performing belly dance with live musicians including Adam Warne Rhythmic Ginger on drumsJosephine Wise asked Kay to become Head of the JWAAD Training Program in 2006. Despite having an already heavy workload with her own enterprises, Farida Dance and Farida Adventures, Kay agreed.

Initially Kay and Jo developed the Foundation Course. Kay then went on to work with the Open College Network to develop the Course into an accredited unit called 'Safe Delivery of Belly Dance Classes'. They are now working on accrediting the rest of the Diploma Course in a modular format.

Kay is in demand throughout the UK and beyond to teach workshops. Her style is down to earth, friendly and humorous. Don't be deceived though - she is a hard taskmistress and believes in correcting students as well as encouraging them. 'How else do you know what to work on?' Kay asks. Developing individual potential is what she enjoys most. This is partly why she is so passionate about the JWAAD Training Program. 'How are you going to develop fantastic dKay Taylor head of JWAAD training program farida dance farida adventures belly dancing at a haflaancers without good teachers?' she says.

Kay is also owner of Farida Dance, where she imports and sells costumes and dance wear. As Farida, Kay also organises a Northern Residential course in Ford Castle - yes, it is a real castle! Kay teaches at many events around the UK and often takes the Souk as well. Check the Farida Events page to see when/where Kay is teaching... or the Farida Souk is appearing: www.faridadance.com.

Farida Adventures is Kay's link to Cairo, Istanbul and the Middle East. Kay leads groups of dancers, introducing them to the local scene. Kay has particularly strong links in Cairo, where she takes six or seven groups a year. She is also the woman behind the Farha Tour and Festival - a fantastic week with live music - based in Luxor, in 5-star accommodation with classes and shows. www.faridaadventures.com.

Kay Taylor head of JWAAD training program Farida Dance Farida Adventures performing belly dance with live Arabic musicians in Egypt