JJo Wise Director JWAAD and renowned bellydance teacher and creator of the JWAAD Summer Schoolosephine Wise

"I started the JWAAD Summer School in 1990 because I had a mad vision of a group of Belly Dancers spending a whole week dancing, studying and playing together, and I couldn't think of anything I'd like to do more. I could see in my mind's eye a series of classes taking place each day with a wide variety of teachers. The central idea was that these teachers would have very different styles of teaching and would be teaching very different subjects, all within the Belly Dance idiom. I had been studying at a dance school in which the culture was very much 'our way or the wrong way' and I wanted to break free of all that nonsense.

I found the most amazing venue at Stowe School, which worked very well for us the first year, but didn't have enough dancing space as we expanded. As the women gamboled about on the lawns I knew that I would need to keep up the level of atmosphere, and I worked hard to find us the most wonderful of venues during the subsequent years. One year we went to a hippy Lord's manor house (with a slimy green swimming pool), another a gorgeous college in Hertfordshire, but for many years we were content in Tring School. The studios were ornamental, the food was appalling, the lawns were gorgeous! Then four years ago a tip off introduced me to Wellington College. Oh my! The first time anyone drives down the approach road they laugh with delight. We now have a lake, a 1920's outdoor swimming pool and more lawns than we can possibly roll down.

The Summer School is the most fun of anything I do in Belly Dance. The chance to spend a whole week together means many friendships are formed, and we all have a chance to hang out together in the evenings. There are many dancers who live far and wide (we have dancers from all over Europe, the USA, and sometimes the Far East), and who only see each other once a year at Summer School. So on arrivals day you see a lot of hugging and smiling, and high pitched exclamations! The evening activities include the Zar night, which is a very bonding experience, the show, which means we are all rooting for each other onstage, and lots of other things including a talent night, which is hilarious. Last year we had magic tricks, songs, funny poems and a lot more. The two parties are very different. On the first weekend we have a Hafla with casual performances and a fashion show. On the last night we have a fancy dress party, with a theme each year. The sight of famous dancers dressed in odd outfits being historical characters or works of art is amazing. And of course we dance our socks off!"

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Email: jo.wise@jwaad.com or summerschool@jwaad.com

Yasmina of CairoEman Zaki

We're thrilled that the fabulous Cairo costumier and dance teacher, Eman Zaki, is coming to Summer School!

Renowned for creating gorgeous handcrafted costumes for some of the world's top dancers, Eman started out as a dancer. At Summer School she will be:

-- teaching dance classes --
-- offering a bespoke fitting service (buy one of her latest costumes from Farida Dance in the souk and Eman can adjust it to fit you perfectly!) --


Kay TaKay Taylorylor

Kay is a great fan of Summer School, having been to every one! Initially she came as a student, and found her dancing changed significantly after this intense week of classes. Now as a senior JWAAD teacher and Director of the JWAAD Professional Training Program, Kay is responsible for training the JWAAD Tutors and Assessors, as well as timetabled classes. Both as a student and as a teacher, Kay loves the fun element of Summer School, the party nights, the talent show and the chance to catch up with friends.

As always, Kay will be bringing the Farida Souk to Summer School, with a huge range of costumes and accessories, class gear, veils, sticks and much much more. If you're looking for anything special, contact Kay at Farida to see if she can bring it to Summer School for you.

Kay also takes groups to Cairo regularly with Farida Adventures.

Websites: Farida Adventures: faridaadventures.com, Farida Souk: faridadance.com, Kay herself: kaytaylorbellydancer.com
Email: faridadance@mac.com

Yasmina of CairoYasmina of Cairo

Yasmina, sometimes known as 'The English Rose of Cairo', has over twenty-five years of experience in the field of Egyptian Oriental dance as a performer, teacher and choreographer. Originally from the UK she spent many years travelling and dancing her way around the Middle East before settling in Cairo in 1995. Here she performed for many years with her orchestra, becoming one of the city's best-loved dancers, appearing at most major Cairo venues such as Meridien Heliopolis, Safir, Pyramisa and the Semiramis Intercontinental hotels, the Nile Maxime, Tivolo Heliopolis, as well as hundres of weddings and parties in Cairo and around Egypt.

Cairo is still Yasmina's home, where she hosts dancers and dance groups from around the world and provides services ranging from accommodation, choreography, training and coaching in Oriental dance, to publicity photography and music production.

Website: yasminofcairo.com
Email: yasmina@yasminaofcairo.com

Gwen Booth belly dance teacher at JWAAD Summer SchoolGwen Booth

Gwen is a Director and Tutor of the JWAAD Professional Training Program, as well as a senior dancer in Johara Dance Company. Well known for her specialism in props of all kinds (sword, stick, veils, fans, shamadam etc.) and in the fusion of Egyptian dance with ballet and theatrical Western styles.

Gwen first came to Summer School in 1995, and hasn't missed a year ever since! "I really love being able to spend a precious week each year really focussing on belly dance - getting inspiration, learning and developing my dancing, and enjoying the fun of teaching and passing on my passion for the dance." She even loves teaching tricky exercises at 9am!

Website: elegantbellydance.co.uk
Email: geb21@hotmail.com

Raphaelle MassonRaphaelle Masson

Raphaelle has been coming to Summer School since 1997, first as a student, then as a slave (way before Angels were on duty!), and then as a teacher once she had completed her JWAAD Teacher Training Diploma in 1999. She's been coming every year, except the one her daughter was born (but she still made a point of visiting for the day).

"Summer School is definitely the place to be and it's absolutely addictive! I love meeting up with people from all over the UK as well as abroad in such an amazing venue. I love teaching every year and I love attending classes with my peers... it's such a nice way to share and learn. For me Summer School is unmissable!!!"

Email: bellydeluxe@gmail.com

Margaret Krause performing with Johara DanceMargaret Krause

Margaret has been dancing for 26 years and teaching for the majority of those. She has been a member of Jo's dance companies, Masriat and Johara Dance, and is well known for her classical Egyptian style and beautiful choreographies.

"I have attended all but the first Summer School. What can I say? Summer School is highly addictive! It's fun, educational and life affirming. For me the freedom to be not just someone's wife, mother or grandmother (much as I love those things), I need Summer School as it refreshes my soul. See you there dance sisters!

Talia Solei at JWAAD Summer School 2018Talia Soleil

Owner and founder of Red Door Dance Studio in Brentwood, California, Talia Soleil is also the founder, sponsor and producer of Raqs Tiki Kauai Belly Dance Intensive, an annual event in Hawaii. She is also the artistic director and principal dancer of Dansoleil Belly Dance Theater, an award-winning troupe made up of 15 dancers.

Dancing her way through life, Talia has enjoyed studying and focusing on Ballroom, Jazz dance and theatre and, most specifically her main love, Middle Eastern dance. She is an award winning solo belly dancer, workshop presenter, instructor and International entertainer who loves to combine the skills of dance and dramatic arts in her art form. Known for her theatrical style and sense of story, she strives to connect with the audience, and bring an added dimension to her stage presentations.

She is also a principal dancer in Dangerous Beauties Belly Dance, a collaborative project made up of professional dancers who portray the strong women who have shaped our world through history, literature, art, and film. Whether she is playing Jackie Kennedy, Bonnie Parker, Pele, Tina Turner or Marilyn Monroe, Talis is able to create evocative and creative pieces that fulfill her heart, and keep the audience coming back.

Websites: taliasoleil.com & reddoordance.com & rakstiki.com
Email: taliasoeil1@gmail.com

Catherine YdstieCatherine Ydstie

Woman of many talents, Catherine is a Dance Instructor/Choreographer at Oslo Magedansstudio in Norway. She is also a Zumba, Pilates and Yoga Instructor. Catherine has been coming to Summer School for several years now, and we are very pleased that she will be teaching again for us this year.


Ingunn LyngstadIngunn Lyngstad

Ingunn is a Norwegian Belly Dancer and yoga instructor from 'the end of the world', the top of Norway. She has been dancing Belly Dance since 2009. Ingunn is known for her pedagogic teaching style, musicality and interesting choreographies, and is often seen laughing.

She has been a much-loved guest teacher on Anna Barners yearly tr├Žningslejr/summer dance camp (2012-2014) and will teach there again in summer 2018. She has taught and performed at the JWAAD Summer School several times now.

Ingunn took a yoga teacher training in 2011 and has taught yoga at her studio and in summer schools. Ingunn is a Hatha yoga trained teacher.

Website: altamagedans.no

Sandra Thompson JWAAD Teacher Summer SchoolSandra Thompson

Sandra has been dancing/teaching in styles including Latin, Modern, Jazz, Tap etc. for "more years than I care to remember!" She discovered Belly Dance about 11 years ago and in 2007 attended the Bellydance Congress, and that was the start of a wonderful dance journey.

"My very first Summer School was in 2008 and even though it was part of my training for the JWAAD Diploma, and pretty full-on, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole fun, if not exhausting, week. I haven't missed one since! For me as a teacher it's a chance not only to deliver workshops to wonderful Belly Dance students, which I love to do, but also to challenge myself and develop my skills both as a performer and a teacher. It also gives me a chance to recharge my batteries, and I immerse myself in dance and nothing but dance for a whole week.

Add to that the fun evenings with friends, parties and show, really what's not to like! In my opinion it's the best residential event of the Belly Dance year, and long may it continue!!"

Website: saharadance.co.uk
Email: Sandra@saharadance.co.uk

Ann Hall JWAAD TeacherAnn Hall

Ann has been dancing for almost 20 years, and attended her first Summer School in 2002. Since completing her JWAAD Teacher Training in 2008 she has been teaching belly dance for several years. Ann studied Turkish style for five years with Melek and found Jo Wise during that time. "I found the comparison between Turkish and Egyptian styles very interesting."

Travelling extensively to Egypt, Turkey and North Africa Ann has built up a wealth of knowledge of not only the dance styles, but the true culture of these countries, and last year she had the privilege to perform at a private party with nine other dancers on the Nile Maxim in Cairo. "We not only had Randa's band but her singer, Samir!"

Ann has continued with her JWAAD training by taking some of the new accredited courses. "I love learning, but first and foremost I love to share my knowledge and truly dance from my heart."

Website: medinabellydance.com
Email: ann@medinabellydance.com

Sue Baker Eliza Gameela JWAAD Belly Dance TeacherSue Baker (Elisa Gameela)

Sue has been dancing since 1998 and teaching in the Cambridge/North Essex area since 2008. "2010 was a turning point for me as I was finally persuaded by my good friends, Lisa Michaela and Abbie Mason, to come along to Summer School. I was a little nervous coming the first year but I was so inspired and made so many dance friends that I haven't missed even one day of Summer School since!

I have been teaching at Summer School since 2014 and really love to share my choreographical creations, experience and knowledge in such an inspiring atmosphere, and have felt honoured to have taught the group dance on one occasion.

To choose one of my highlights of Summer School is difficult, but particularly memorable times were receiving my teaching Diploma, dressed as a Salvador Dali painting hung on a gallery wall, during one of the legendary fancy dress parties; and the complete surprise of winning the inaugural JWAAD Award for 'Commitment to Continued Learning' during the interval of the 2015 show."

Website: buckletonbellydancers.webs.com/welcome.htm
Email: susi-bee@hotmail.co.uk

Alanya JWAAD TeacherAlanya

Alanya (Abbie Mason) started belly dancing in 2003, and became a professional tutor in 2009, having obtained her JWAAD Teaching Diploma. She teaches regular weekly classes across Herefordshire, and one-off workshops around the UK. She performs at shows, haflas, parties, charity and community events, and leads her student performance troupe, Odalisque.

Also trained in ballet and jazz, Alanya is particularly interested in choreography and staging, whilst continuing to develop and absorb an understanding of the roots and traditions of the dance form.

She has been coming to Summer School since 2009, first as a student and more recently as a tutor. "Summer School provides the perfect environment to try new things, push yourself, or indulge in your favourite dance styles. The Summer School parties are legendary - we work hard and play hard!"

Website: alanyabellydance.com
Email: info@alanyabellydance.com

Ishtar JWAAD Belly Dance Teacher AssessorIshtar

Ishtar started her dance training at the age of 2 and was a ballroom champion and theatrical choreographer before surrendering her heart to belly dance 16 years ago. In 2011 she completed her JWAAD Teacher Training Diploma, and also taught at Summer School for the first time.

"The many talented teachers and exciting workshop topics - teamed with a wonderful community feel and genuine camaraderie - was so inspiring that I have been returning regularly ever since. I always aim to inspire and share my joy of dancing, and am once again looking forward to teaching at the annual Summer School, as well as catching up with my extended belly dance family!"

Website: ishtardance.co.uk

Katherine Soutar Caddick, dance teacher and Summer School AngelKatherine Caddick

Katherine has been dancing since 2003 ("Actually I was dancing before that, but had to give up on the clogs due to injury!"), at first learning and then teaching Egyptian style only. "But being a bit of a magpie brain I soon started to get distracted by other shiny things... notably Hawaiian dance and lately Tribal improv..." which she now also teaches. She also loves folkloric styles as there is always interesting background info to learn and fun to be had with costumes and props, "and the chance to swing a big stick around is always very welcome!"

"Tribal improv is probably my favourite group dance form now though, I love the organic way things happen and the marvellous 'in the moment' feeling when there is no choreography to master, and different personalities can emerge when people lead and follow, although we are all executing the same moves and combos. I think the moment I first saw a performance where everyone was visibly having great fun was the breakthrough. After that I was hooked and now my tribe, the Severn Sisters, dance at festivals and events all over Shropshire and beyond.

I see Summer School as a time outside of everything else, I get to dance as much as I like, learn new stuff that inspires me, pass on what I myself have learned, spend time with a tremendous bunch of women, many of whom for the rest of the year I look forward to seeing again, and just be me, the dancey me, and also sometimes the silly me, for a whole week! I always come away feeling both energised and rested. What could be better?

Email: kcaddick@aol.com

Nisha Lall teaching at JWAAD Summer School 2018Nisha Lall

Nisha Lall BA(Hons) Dance Practice, is a freelance dance practitioner trained in Indian, Arabic, Salsa and Contemporary Dance. She is also a UKA Salsa Teacher and a JWAAD (Diploma) Teacher.

Nisha delivers dance workshops and projects in Sheffield and beyond. She works both in the community and professional settings with a number of different audiences and practitioners from diverse dance styles.

Current recognitions include:
- 2017 Winner of the JWAAD Accredited Learning Award
- 2018 Winner of the Bellydance Solo to Live Drums at Crystal Fleur Festival

"Summer School is one of my most memorable bellydance experiences. You always come back inspired and with a wealth of knowledge".

Website: aimtodance.co.uk
Email: info@nldance.co.uk

Tim Garside is the JWAAD Summer School drummer for belly dance with live drummer workshops and classesTim Garside

UK percussionist Tim Garside has specialised in Arabic drumming since 1985. His style has been shaped, developed and inspired by the bond between dance and rhythm.

Tim has worked in schools all over the country for over 18 years, teaching primarily Egyptian hand drumming; and in that time he has taught over 30,000 children through a variety of projects. He also teaches adult workshops with various drumming themes as well as private lessons.

Tim has taught at RADA, SOAS, Trinity College of Music and the Guildhall School of Music. His work has included film, TV, radio, theatre, sessions, tours, functions, weddings, haflas and countless dance and educational workshops.

Tim used to drum for us at Summer School in the 1990s, and those who have been coming for many years will no doubt remember him.

Website: garsaaidi.co.uk