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Posted on 30/09/2019 by siteadmin

Getting to know: Claire Barnfather

Though Claire studied with me for years, she has gone onto develop her own...

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Posted on 24/09/2019 by siteadmin

Getting to know: Moyra Banks

Moyra Banks aka The Scottish Bellydancer is based in Edinburgh where she teaches regular...

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Posted on 14/09/2019 by siteadmin

Getting to know: Mayel

Originally from France, Mayel, her husband, Francois and daughter, Alma live in London.  Mayel...

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Posted on 14/09/2019 by siteadmin

Getting to know: Samantha Neal

Samantha Neal is one of those people who just has a really good energy....

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Posted on 05/09/2019 by siteadmin

Getting to Know: Carmen Tormo

I met Carmen Tormo at the Dance Revolution studios in Sheffield with Jaleh Fallah....

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Posted on 30/08/2019 by siteadmin

Getting to know: Elizabeth Aitken

Elizabeth is a recently qualified JWAAD Bellydance Diploma teacher.  She taught for the first...

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"It was a really good course, more intensive than I expected, and made me aware of my strengths and weaknesses. When I started the course I had a vague idea I might teach. Having completed it I feel much more confident about setting up lessons. So, thank you for all the hard work from yourself, Jo and Gwen in supporting us through the process. "

Safety Course - Karen Harrison

".....I appreciate how much work goes into designing, organising and presenting the course and supporting the students. I do feel very confident and proud of the standard of teaching and dancing that JWAAD promotes and am pleased to be a student of JWAAD."

Music Course - Catriona MacDonald

"Very interesting and exciting course, learnt some typical dance moves from the Mahmoud Reda Troupe, Turkish cabaret, Moroccan Shikhat, gypsy and even Western influenced fusion such as the Charleston. Gained knowledge about the evolution of belly dance from the time of the Pharaohs to the present day. Enjoyed admiring Kay’s extensive costume collection, illustrating the different styles and fashion trends!"

History and Culture Course - Sarah Soo Yin Chua

"There was a lot of the course that was applicable to Tribal. The warm ups/cool downs, health and safety, anatomy and business in my opinion translate to all disciplines, after all we were all there to learn how to deliver a safe class and understand the implications that are involved in teaching. It was supportive and I certainly feel more confident delivering workshops having completed it and I have definitely integrated the learning from the weekend within the workshops.

We have already discussed that my tribal background has slight variations on moves and less traditional music and therefore I felt I struggled to put some of my abilities across at times, but I appreciate that you need a measuring 'yard stick' "

Safety course - Tribal perspective - Jenny D'Allison

"'thank you for a brilliant course!... I just wanted to say that the all the classes / sessions that you taught were so interesting and delivered in such an engaging and well thought out way. I feel I have learnt so much and consolidated a lot of information from topics from all parts of my life where things suddenly made sense during your classes! I was impressed by how you managed to engage everyone even though we are from such a varied backgrounds, everyone seemed to take a lot away.'"

Safety course - Louise Deacon

"Inspirational, enlightening, challenging, but in the end, a great confidence booster."

Music course - Jill Karstad

"I thoroughly enjoyed both the academic and practical classes. Being able to work with a live drummer was a particular highlight.
I now feel I have a much deeper understanding of Middle Eastern music. Getting to grips with the Rhythms was a particular challenge for me, but also one of the most rewarding parts of the course! "

Seraphina of Scotland

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