‘As a training organisation, we want to encourage learners to continue their journey whether with us or by studying elsewhere.  Whatever path you choose, it is the ongoing commitment to learning that is essential.’


Yvette Cowles Scholarship

We offer the ‘Yvette Cowles Scholarship’, twice a year, in memory of our late Director, Yvette Cowles.
Yvette believed that we never stop learning and we want this prestigious award to encourage dancers to continue their development through our accredited courses that Yvette helped design.
Yvette wrote and starred in her one-woman show ‘Sequins on my Balcony’ about her experiences with breast cancer, as well as writing a book ‘Belly Dance and Beating the Odds’.  Both of these gave many women hope and helped people see that you can live a full and rewarding life whilst living with cancer.

Applications need to be submitted by:

  • 31st October – Recipients announced at Fantasia Festival, London, at the beginning of December.
  • 30th April – Recipients will be announced at ‘Shimmy Up North’, Borwick Hall, Lancaster, at the end of May.
  • Recipients of this prestigious scholarship will be published on the website. (See below)
  • Download information and the application form for the Yvette Cowles Scholarship here

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Yvette Cowles Scholarship:  December 2019

We are delighted to award the Yvette Cowles Scholarship to two deserving dancers whom have both contributed to their dance communities in very different ways.

Laura Armstrong

Laura is based in Northern Ireland.  She was awarded the scholarship at Fantasia 2019 and wrote to us after: I would like to thank you so very much for awarding the scholarship to me – I really can’t believe it! I am so grateful for the opportunity and excited about the course.’  Laura is attending the ‘Safety course’ which has started in London January 2020.

Laura tells us:  ‘My love of Middle Eastern dance began in 2007 when a colleague invited me along to a belly dance class. I didn’t know anything about Arabic music or dance beforehand and never expected to fall in love. Belly dance is a very important part of my life now and I cannot imagine living without it.  I moved home to Northern Ireland in 2011 and discovered that the belly dance scene is much smaller here and there were no classes near to me. I soon discovered classes in Belfast and for a long time I travelled the three hour return journey to class every week. In 2013 I made the decision to teach beginners’  The Safety course has been on her ‘wish list’ and the Yvette Cowles Scholarship has enabled her to do it. 

Annelies Baeyens

Annelies has been dancing since 2006, and early on wanted to know more about the multiple aspects that this dance has to offer, including the music, the culture, its history…
Weekly lessons with various teachers were not enough for Annelies, so she registered for a three year professional course in bellydancing in 2014. This was in Belgium, at the Academy for Oriental and Modern Bellydance. She found it a wonderful experience that made her want to teach as well as dance.
Since graduation in 2017, She has gone back to weekly classes, workshops and also doing some teaching. She believes firmly that dancing is beneficial for the health, and is now also training to be a health therapist.
Anneliese has had some dance injuries, and has seen what limitations old injuries or operations can impose on movements in some of her students.
This is why she wants more knowledge around safe dancing, and feels more study would be a tremendous added value to her because the gained knowledge will be used in her lessons and would benefit her students as well as herself.
Anneliese want to use her award towards the Music course running in Edinburgh.

If you want to apply for the next YCS, send your application in as soon as possible.

Previous Recipients:
Eleanor Armstrong:  December 2017
Jillian Karstad:   May 2018
Chloe Kenny:  Dec 2018
Annelies Baeyens:  Dec 2018

Recognition of ongoing learning:

At JWAAD we feel that an ongoing commitment to learning is essential and should be celebrated.

  1. Celebrating ongoing learning
  2. Encouraging new learning (see lower down for this years Awards)

Celebrating Learning:
Each year we ask JWAAD trained teachers and Instructors (levels 1-5) for nominations in the following categories:

Awards at Summer School

  • Celebration of Accredited Learning – this person will be studying JWAAD accredited courses although they may have done other accredited learning too.  They are a positive member of the dance community and support events, workshops and festivals.
  • Celebration of Ongoing Learning – this person will be the student of a JWAAD teacher (or Instructor)) who has demonstrated a keen desire to learn.  They may or may not be ready for the accredited courses yet.  They may be on the Personal Development Programme.  A positive member of the dance community that supports local halflas and workshops.
  • Celebration of Lifelong Learning – this person will have done some of the accredited courses, consistently contributes to the dance community and is seen as a positive role model by those around her.  Her quest for learning crosses all barriers…..
  • Winners were announced at the JWAAD Summer School 2019 and are listed below:

Celebration of Accredited Learning 2019:    Caroline Evans
Caroline started her journey with Olivia White (Majenta Dance) then with Anne Kingston and fell in love with bellydance.  Her journey broadened and she fell in love with ATS, studying, travelling and learning.  More recently Caroline has completed the JWAAD Safety course and is working towards the JWAAD Teaching Diploma.  Caroline has rediscovered her love of Egyptian Dance whilst retaining her love of ATS.  We look forward to sharing Carolines journey through dance.  Caroline is very supportive of her local dance scene and enjoys sharing her knowledge and skills with others.  We are delighted to recognise Carolines commitment to accredited learning.


Celebration of Ongoing Learning 2019:    Charlotte Wassell
Charlotte is a self confessed ‘geek’ when it comes to learning and studying.  Parts of her journey were inspired by Hilde Cannoodt but Charlottes real love is ATS (American Tribal Style) and she travels far and wide to study and dance in collaboration with fellow ATS performers.  Charlotte has recently taken the plunge into self employment having successfully completed her Personal Trainer exams.  
Charlotte already brings her wide ranging knowledge and expertise to some of the JWAAD accredited courses.  She teaches on weekend 2 of the Music and History & Culture courses bringing up to date information on the development of Tribal and Fusion styles.  Charlotte has completed the first 3 JWAAD courses and is waiting to complete the final Teaching Methods module.  We are delighted to recognise Charlottes commitment to ongoing learning.

Celebration of Lifelong Learning 2019:    Mary Daniels
Mary is a familiar figure in the bellydance world.  Mary travels around the UK supporting events, residential courses and festivals, booking on workshops and going to shows.  Mary is constantly singing the praises of residential courses.  She loves the camaraderie, the fun, the learning.  Meeting up with friends, sometimes adding a day to explore the area.  Bellydance road trips are a great way to catch up with friends, meet new friends ….. and immerse yourself in what you love.  Mary is a great role model and we are happy to recognise her commitment to lifelong learning.




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