Patrons of JWAAD

Patrons of JWAAD are experts in their own fields and believe in the vision and aims that JWAAD works towards.

Eman Zaki

Eman Zaki
Costume designer to some of Cairo’s top dancers.  Eman runs her own atelier in Cairo and has a worldwide clientele of dancers.  Eman was a dancer herself in the 80’s so completely supports JWAADs mission to provide top class training courses for dancers and dance teachers.
Whenever her schedule permits, Eman joins us at JWAAD events like Fantasia or the JWAAD Summer School.


Nadia Hamdi
A dancer in the 80’s, Nadia established a worldwide reputation for her inclusive teaching style and encouraging nature.  When Nadia became a grandmother, she retired from the belly dance world but keeps in touch with director, Kay Taylor and still supports JWAADs aims.  Nadia’s daughter in law, Nibal, works with Kay when she takes groups to Cairo on her ‘Farida Adventures’.

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