Progression for Teachers within JWAAD

JWAAD Safety course

At JWAAD we support dancers and our qualified teachers and instructors in many ways.

  • We recommend starting your journey by joining our Personal Development Programme.  This enables you to work on your own technical and stylistic development as a dancer.
  • To continue your journey, we recommend the Safety course – this gives you the information and tools with which to teach safely and maximise your learning of technique. On completion, you are certified as a Level 1 instructor.
  • The History and Culture course and the Music course can be done in any order.
  • The last course is ‘Teaching Methods used in Belly Dance’.  Once all 4 are completed, you are a fully qualified Level 2  JWAAD Teacher.
  • At Level 1 or Level 2 and above, you can ask to teach at any JWAAD or Farida event or residential course.  This can be good to help build your profile – and get bookings from further afield.  (Teaching opportunities are subject to availability and priority is given to teachers attending the event and supporting it).
  • As a JWAAD Teacher, once you have established yourself and gained teaching experience, you can become a JWAAD Mentor – this gives your students an established framework to track their progress and will bring other students to you who wish to join the JWAAD Development Programme.
  • JWAAD Mentors are our first port of call when advertising for new Level 3 or 4 Teachers for our accredited courses.  Click here to see what the criteria for each level is.
  • We provide annual training days for our registered Mentors and teachers on our accredited courses.


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