JWAAD – Online Learning

We are very excited to offer a range of Online Learning.
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We have just launched our music course online – For more information go to our music course page – To subscribe to our course: ‘Bellydance Music Explored’ click on the link.

  1. Online resource area to use in association with the Personal Development Programme (to find more about the PDP click here) or in addition to your weekly classes. A series of short videos explaining the terminology, names of moves and a brief explanation of them.  Click here.
  2. Online tutorials on basic technique on our own You Tube channel  These are a series of 5 – 10 minute tutorials from various JWAAD teachers breaking down basic technique and drilling moves.  Useful as a means of consolidating your weekly learning or for those unable to get to a weekly class.
  3. Skype/Zoom lessons and Technique Reviews.  If you have the technology and a space to dance, you can link into a teacher at an arranged time and have your private lesson online.  Currently you can opt for Skype lessons with:  Catherine Bartholomew, Dorte Evelyn or Galit Mersand.
  4. Online resources for each accredited course.  These are password protected.  When you attend one of our courses, you are given the password.  Lots of online material, links, you tube clips and quizzes to help your learning.

We believe classes and one to one lessons in person are the best means of learning but understand that not everyone has a local class / teacher.  We hope you find our online options useful.

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