Create a Belly Dance Performance

JWAAD is committed to the development of dancers and teachers, not only in terms of technique, but also performance skills. This module is designed to give anyone seeking to perform belly dance the tools to do so in an effective and entertaining way, and one that is appropriate to the given audience.  It gives more experienced dancers a chance to reflect on where they are and adds new ideas to their toolkit, it gives less experienced dancers the confidence to go out there and perform!

This course has a credit value of 3, which means there are approximately 32 hours of study involved over two weekends.

This course is designed by Belly Dancers for Belly Dancers. These courses will be taught by: Kay Taylor, Josephine Wise, Gwen Booth and/or Claire Barnfather.

Suitable for:
• Teachers of Belly Dance
• Performers of Belly Dance
• Students of Belly Dance working towards performing
What is included?
• Selecting, editing and using appropriate music for belly dance performances
• Creating entertaining pieces of choreography
• Personal presentation including costuming, make-up and hair-styling
• Preparing for performance in a variety of different scenarios
• Techniques for developing confidence as a performer and overcoming stage fright
• Recognising and analysing good performance skills in others
• Delivering an effective and entertaining belly dance performance
• Building a portfolio of evidence for the Open College Network

This unit is open to all dancers, though to get the most from it, you need to be working towards performing – or already performing. If you are of intermediate level, you can register for the JWAAD Performance Diploma, which this course counts towards.

For further details contact Kay at:

Breakdown of Costs and Payments

  • Non-refundable deposit to reserve your place: £50
  • Payment for Weekend 1: £105
  • Payment for Weekend 2: £165 Payable at weekend 1 of the course
  • The One Awards registration fee will also be payable on weekend 1 (£25)

Total cost of course:  £320 (excluding One Awards fee)

The course runs across 2 weekend, 4 days in total.  Approximately 9am – 5pm each day.

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