Study week at historic Wellington College

We currently have no dates planned for a study week.
If you are interested in a study week, email us and we will let you know when we are planning another.
Wellington College, Crowthorne, Berkshire, RG45 7PU

Wellington College was granted its Royal Charter in December 1853 as the ‘Royal and Religious

Experienced teachers

Foundation of The Wellington College’. The College was designed by John Shaw Jr (1803-1870) with Queen Victoria laying the foundation stone in 1856.
The first 76 boys, aged between eleven and fifteen, arrived on 20th January 1859: 49 were Foundationers paying fees of between £10 and £20 a year; the remaining 27 were sons of serving officers and civilians paying fees of between £70 and £100 a year. A week after the boys arrived, Queen Victoria performed the official opening ceremony.  For more information about the college, click here.

We are running our first study week here.  Accommodation, meals, studio space, classrooms for study and 4 tutors delivering the course content:  all included in the cost of this amazing course.  Not to mention access to Wellingtons wonderful grounds and facilities.

If you are passionate about belly dance, this course will allow you to immerse yourself in the history and culture from ancient times to current day.  It is a combination of academic and practical study, discussion, debate and dance classes.

Your tutors:  Yasmina of Cairo, Kay Taylor, Dorte Evelyn & Charlotte Wassell.  

The course has 2 strands:  
Students, dancers, performers and teachers who want to inform their dance through a deeper understanding of the context, history and culture of this amazing dance form.
Teachers – there are additional classes through the week specifically pitched at teachers – these count towards the JWAAD teaching diploma.

What is included?
• The evolution of Belly Dance from Ancient Egypt to present day Cairo and Tribal Fusion
• The role and status of dancers, past and present
• Introduction to key figures who have influenced the dance and their legacy
• Costuming – different styles and their origins
• The ways in which East and West have drawn from one another, and the impact on subsequent generations of teachers
• The significance of dance in Egyptian cinema
• Culture, politics and the future of Belly Dance
• Dance classes with a focus on the development of Belly Dance over time, different dance styles, and ways in which Western and Middle Eastern dance have influenced each other
• The compilation of a portfolio of evidence for the Open College Network

Not only do you get amazingly knowledgeable tutors teaching these courses but an exclusive on line resource area for your use from the first weekend of the course.

To work towards either the JWAAD Teaching Diploma or JWAAD Performance Diploma, you need to be of Intermediate level.  You might want to contact Kay for further details on:

This is our most popular course.  Everyone loves it.  It gives you permission to immerse yourself in the subject you love.  From ancient Egypt, through the Golden Era to modern Egyptian and current Tribal and Fusion influences.  Lots of discussion.  It puts everything in context and you get to explore many different styles.  Academic sessions and dance classes to consolidate learning.

This course is externally accredited by an awarding body, the ‘One Awards’.  It is of Level 3 complexity and may count towards the JWAAD Teaching Diploma.

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