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Running alongside our online music course are a series of 6 live lectures every 12 months.  These are free to learners who subscribe to ‘Bellydance Music Explored’.  
Our course ‘Bellydance Music Explored’ is now online.

Suitable for:

  • Students who want to understand the music
  • Performers to help add range to your dance
  • Bellydance teachers who want more information to share with their students and plan exciting classes

There are 6 in depth and fascinating courses that make up ‘Bellydance Music Explored’:
Recognise Instruments for Bellydance
Recognise Rhythms for Bellydance
Egyptian Styles for Bellydancers
Middle Eastern Styles for Bellydancers
Singers and Composers for Bellydancers
Music for Fusion & World Dance Styles
Each of the courses has mini quizzes throughout to help you consolidate the information.  These are not graded and you can do them as many times as you want.  At the end of each course there is a graded quiz.

  • Live Zoom lectures and workshops run alongside the online work – see at the bottom of this page.

Once you have subscribed to ‘Bellydance Music Explored’, you will be contacted by one of our mentors to help plan your musical journey.
We will send the the details of our private Facebook group monitored by the course tutors.  A place to ask questions, share your experiences and meet other dancers on our musical journey.  
Accompanying the course are live Zoom lectures through the year with Q&A sessions after.  These are free exclusive to dancers who subscribe to ‘Bellydance Music Explored‘.  Book your place now.

Details of scheduled lectures and workshops designed to accompany our course are below.

‘This course changed how I hear music, not only that, my dance has changed too … and for the better.  I cannot recommend this course highly enough’  T Harker

If you are wanting to do this as part of the Teaching Diploma, click here to read more.

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