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‘Safe Delivery of Belly Dance classes’ – is now available to do from your own home via zoom.  You still work as a group, dates and times are set.  In these unprecedented times, we want to make sure that you can be fully prepared for when we all get back to teaching.

Our new ‘Zoom’ Safety course also includes a module on how to use zoom for teaching classes – and how to present yourself through zoom.  As part of our ‘Health and Safety’ module we also include ways to manage Covid 19 regulations, the safety of your students and risk assessments.

Supportive discussion throughout

This course is aimed at people who are already teaching or are considering teaching and want to ensure that they are doing so safely.  It is a fascinating and in depth course designed with a combination of academic and practical application.  The Safe Delivery course gives you the safety elements of teaching and a taster of what the JWAAD Teaching Diploma will be like. The Safe Delivery course does not qualify you as a JWAAD teacher. All the modules covering teaching skills are in a separate course.  It does however give you the building blocks with which to teach safely and plan your classes in a structured way.  This course is accredited by JWAAD.

This course consists of 4 days of tuition approximately 9am – 5pm each day.  Approximately 32 hours of tuition and guided learning.  

You are expected to be able to execute basic moves clearly in order to teach them, but do not have to be of a high technical level.  You must successfully complete all parts of the course with assessment if you need to achieve the certificate either for MADN insurance or to register for the JWAAD Teaching Diploma.

What is included?
• Anatomy – a fascinating practical look at the body in relation to dance.
• Safe warm ups – to ensure you don’t injure anyone unintentionally.
• Health & Safety – practical advice and strategies to avoid incidents with your students, risk assessments and managing Covid 19 regulations.
• Safe stretches and cool downs
• Lesson planning – learn how to write your own exciting & dynamic lesson plans.
• The Business of Belly Dance – Ideas for setting up, marketing and ongoing management of your business.
• Dance classes in technique and breaking down moves
• Three assignments
• Personal Technique Review – to assess the level of your technique, celebrate your strengths and identify areas to work on.
• Practical warm up assessment
*** New – Zoom techniques to teach and how to present yourself effectively***

Group work and sharing ideas

Not only do you have incredibly experienced and knowledgeable tutors delivering this course but an exclusive on line resource area at your disposal for the duration of the course.

Comments from participants:
‘It was a lot of hard work and quite stressful but I got so much out of it.’
‘It confirmed that a lot of what I was already doing was correct and gave me lots of new ideas.’
‘I am considering teaching and did this course to help me decide – it has really made me think about my responsibilities as a teacher.’
‘The assessments were terrifying but I feel like I now know what I need to work on.’
‘Loved every minute of it, learnt so much and met some really nice people. Far exceeded my expectations.’

For Tribal dancers:
‘There was a lot of the course that was applicable to Tribal. The warm ups/cool downs, health and safety, anatomy and business in my opinion translate to all disciplines, after all we were all there to learn how to deliver a safe class and understand the implications that are involved in teaching. It was supportive and I certainly feel more confident delivering workshops having completed it and I have definitely integrated the learning from the weekend within the workshops.
We have already discussed that my tribal background has slight variations on moves and less traditional music and therefore I felt I struggled to put some of my abilities across at times, but I appreciate that you need a measuring ‘yard stick” J D’Allison

We currently have nearly 300 people who have passed the JWAAD ‘Safe Delivery of Belly Dance Classes’ course. Our current pass rate is about 95%.  Even if you don’t pass initially, you can re-submit work until you have achieved all the criteria.  

Breakdown of payments over 4 instalments:

  • Non-refundable part payment to reserve your place: £50
  • 2nd payment: £155 payable 4 weeks before the start of the course
  • There is a 6 week gap for you to complete your assignments
  • 3rd payment due at weekend 1:  £80
  • 2 week gap for your to hone your zoom techniques and practice your warm up – you will also have an individual technique review with one of our tutors through this time.  The cost is included within the course.
  • 4th payment due on day 3  –  £85

Total cost :  £370
You can choose to pay this all at once or in instalments as above.

Courses are based on a minimum number of people, so cancellations made within 4 weeks of the start date will not receive a refund.  If we do not have enough participants to run the course you will receive a full refund of any monies paid.  

To get the most from it you need good wifi and a device that works effectively with Zoom.  You also need a space to dance in where your device will work.
By enrolling for a course you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.

If unsure of the suitability of this course, please call Kay on 0191 565 2920.
Email: [email protected] Tel: 0191 565 2920

For an overview of the course, watch this video:

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