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You can choose to attend 2 sessions from:: our  ‘Belly Dance Seminars 1 & 2’ and the ‘Taster Sessions’ in with the cost of your Fantasia Dancers Day Ticket (FDDT).   Anyone with a FDDT can join the Belly Dance Seminar 3 – the Fantasia Debate.
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Belly Dance Seminar 1   09.45 – 10.30
‘Perceptions of Belly Dance:  Inside and Outside Egypt’
Lecture/discussion with Yasmina of Cairo

Yasmina has always been fascinated with how people perceive belly dance. This subject is particularly complex in Egypt but we have all come across different reactions to belly dance on our own dance journey.  Yasmina explores some of the context of these perceptions – and how they have changed over time.

TS1    10.45 – 11.30  FULL
‘Arabic Salsa’ with Elizabeth Aitken  FULL

This Taster session is full. 

TS2   11.35 – 12.20
‘Fantasy Veil’ with Carmen Tormo  

Wow your audience! Carmen will explore ways to use your veil to enhance your dance.  This will include some double veil.  If possible bring 2 silk veils of the same size.

TS3  11.35 – 12.20
‘Technique Torture’ with Kay Taylor  FULL

Kay drills a range of technique looking at how to execute with precision and quality.  Isolation, co-ordination and strength. Apply these principles to all your dance.  A really useful session to leave you hot, sweaty and inspired.

TS4   12.25 – 13.10
‘Dodo’s wings to Dancer’s arms’ with Claire Barnfather

Have you ever felt that your arms limit your dance? Want to stop flapping and bring your arms to life? We will be looking at some transformative tips and easy to practice techniques that will add purpose, energy and expression to your arms and hands…whatever the style.

TS5   12.25 – 13.10
‘Sassy Saidi’ with Moyra Banks

Saidi is traditional dance from Upper Egypt.  Strong, earthy and sassy.  Moyra loves Saidi dance and wants to share her passion for it with you.  Combinations to take away and use in your own Saidi dance.  This class will leave you wanting more.  No stick required.

TS6    13.15 – 14.00
‘Build your Baladi’ with Dorte Evelyn (Ishtar Dance)  FULL

Explore how to create your own baladi with confidence and explore arm postions and patters, hip combinations and Egyptian styling, which you can use to suit your own interpretation.  We’ll work on traditional as well as unexpected combos, and of course those all important powerful hips and accents! Add a pinch of Cairo flourish and you’ll be well on your way to build your own beautiful and strong Baladi.  See Dorte here performing baladi.

Bellydance Seminar 2   14.10 – 14.55
‘Cairo Nightlife’ – lecture with Kay Taylor

Kay takes groups to Cairo and has a very specialist trip called ‘Cairo Nightlife’ in which she takes the girls round a range of clubs and cabarets in Cairo.  Kay gives a run down of the types of venue, who you can see where and at what time.  Kay has some video footage and lots of anecdotes to share.

TS7   15.20 – 16.05
‘Crazy Orientale Combos’ with Maelle

Maelle is known for her graceful and fluid yet percussive style.  She loves to put combinations together for people to take away and use.  Maelle combines basic technique with unusual twists to create something new.  Be inspired by Maelles crazy combinations! 

TS8  15.20 – 16.05
‘Shimmy Showcase’ with Sam Neal

Work on your shimmy foundation to make it bigger, more beautiful and add layers. Requests taken on what you would like to develop.  Lots of technique and ideas to take away.

TS9  16.15 – 17.00
‘Egyptian Gestures in dance’ with Yasmina of Cairo

Gestures – how to use them in your interpretations of songs while dancing.  When it is appropriate to use gestures and when not.  Gestures, if used appropriately, can bring a very authentic feel to your dance.  Yasmina is the ideal person to explain their context and incorporate them into dance.

Bellydance Seminar 3  16.15 – 17.00
Fantasia Debate hosted by Jessica Lewis

Join the Fantasia Facebook group and take part in the pre-debate to decide what burning issues should be discussed.  Panelists will be announced nearer the time.

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