Oxana at Fantasia

We are delighted to host Oxana Bazaeva for the first time in the UK.

Kay met with Oxana in Cairo and found her to be absolutely delightful – both as a person and as a dancer.  Her musicality is superb …. she hangs in the music.  Originally from Russia, she won a competition in Moscow when Dina was judging.  Dina invited her to Cairo to take part in her televised competition, ‘El Rakassa’.  Oxana came 4th wowing audiences and judges alike.  She was offered work in Cairo straight away but initially went back to Russia, returning for a New Years Eve gig in 2015.
From this she accepted a contract to work in Cairo and has never looked back. She has loved the journey, working with her own band, dancing at a regular cabaret and in great demand for high society weddings.  She is difficult to track down and performs at about 6am in the VIP cabaret in Cairo.  Too late (or early depending on how you look at it) for most dancers to stay awake all night.  We were lucky enough to interview her and accompany her to a wedding to see her in action.  The ‘live’ photos here are from that wedding.  You can read the full article in NADA and see more amazing photos.

Oxana will be performing on the Open Stage at the end of the day.  All the workshops and Taster Sessions will have finished so no one will miss her show.  We are super excited to bring you this amazing performer.  You need a Fantasia Dancers Day Ticket, or the Superstar Intensive package below or if there is space, there will be show and shop tickets on sale nearer the time.

Superstar Intensive Package
If you want to study with Oxana we are limiting numbers in her workshops to 35.  You can book this Superstar Intensive Package and take 4 workshops with her – 2 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday.  For details of the workshops and to book the package, click here.


We have a range of fabulous teachers at Fantasia – you get to choose 2 and try their Taster Sessions.  These are designed to give you new ideas to take away and to try out each persons unique teaching style.  At JWAAD we encourage diversity and nurture individuality.

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