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PLEASE NOTE: We only have spaces on the below dance workshops but we do have spaces left on all the seminars
TS2 – CARMEN FANTASY VEIL – 11.35 – 12.20

PLEASE NOTE: The following workshops are now full
TS1 – Elizabeth – Salsa
TS3 – Kay – Technique Torture
TS4 – Claire – Dancers Arms
TS5 – Moyra – Saidi
TS6 – Ishtar – Baladi 
TS7 – Maelle – Oriental Combos
TS8 – Sam – Shimmies
TS9 – Yasmina – Gestures 

Oxana’s workshops are also SOLD OUT but you can still see her perform at the end of the day of course


TS9 – Yasmina – Gestures 

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The timetable will be updated as slots on the open stage are booked.  We will update every 2 to 3 weeks initially then more frequently after the summer.

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