Develop your Dance with 1-1 Belly Dance Lessons & Coaching

Lessons and Coaching

Josephine Wise JWAAD director and belly dance teacher. Josephine teaches belly dance classes, workshops and professional belly dance courses in London, the UK, and worldwideI teach one-to-one private lessons tailored to the individual to develop your dance and give it a boost to the next level.

The joy of tailor-made sessions is in the intense focus on you and your dance, and the speed with which you can improve.

Lessons can include any combination of the following, depending on what you want to work on or what you need to take your dancing further:

* Posture and positioning to create open and controlled movements
* Honing your technique for precision dancing
* Isolations and work on specific movement groups or patterns
* Work on individual styles within Belly Dance and Fusion Dance
* Musical Interpretation for performance
* Developing a piece of your own choreography for performance
* Developing your own signature style

Josephine Wise performing belly dance in London and for the JWAAD Summer School at Wellington College in Berkshire where Jo teaches dance classes and workshops

How I teach

I have developed a specific way of observing and analysing the movement patterns and potential of an individual, based on over 30 year's experience, and also on my training in several styles of dance (contemporary, ballet, flamenco and several others as well as belly dance), the Alexander Technique (I am a qualified teacher) and Pilates (I am trained to teach this too). This gives me a unique way of working that means I can analyse your movements quickly and provide solutions to technical problems. I also have huge experience of working with different styles of music as well as an in depth knowledge of Egyptian and middle-eastern music.

My lessons work on several levels - physical, psychological and musical.

Professional dancers have a chance to work privately on their own development to make them stand out from the crowd.


Josephine Wise wearing a black costume with orange, red and gold adornmentJWAAD Personal Development Programme

A JWAAD Personal Technique Review can be taken at any time in the form of a private lesson. This will tell you what level of JWAAD classes and workshops are suitable for you, whether you are ready to go up a level, and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. It also gives you a programme of recommended study for your personal development.

How Does it Work?

You can take private lessons regularly or on an occasional basis. Many people come once a month, but I also have dancers who live far away and come when they can.

Lessons usually last 60 minutes, but you can arrange for a longer one if you want to work on something specific, need extra time or can't come again for a long while.

JWAAD Personal Technique Reviews last 30 minutes, or they can be combined with a 30-minute technique lesson to make it up to an hour's session.

Available Times - Mondays, Thursdays & Saturdays

At present I have some availability on Mondays and Thursdays. Occasionally Saturdays may become available at short notice. Available times do change over the course of a few weeks. Please email me to arrange a time and to find out about fees.

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During one of the 'follow on's tonight in class I was totally mesmerised and had to remind myself to follow on and not just gawp - it was inspiring!" Jessica Lewis