Dance Companies

JWAAD currently has two Dance Companies associated with it:  Johara Dance Company and the Helwa Belly Dance Troupe.  Both are always on the lookout for new dancers that are willing to give the time and dedication needed to create great dance.  No dancers are paid – this is about your personal development.

Johara Dance Company:  

Johara Dance is a theatrical, all-female dance company specialising in Arabic dance styles. We create spectacular
productions fusing the rich dance culture of middle-eastern countries with complementary western traditions.  Johara’s Artistic Director and Choreographer, Josephine Wise, is considered to be one of the world’s top exponents of Egyptian dance, and her style is known for its authenticity and deep expression. Josephine has danced and taught extensively throughout the UK, Europe, Egypt and the Middle East. She has toured the UK with her previous dance company, Masriat, and has choreographed works for the theatre and opera in England and France.

Audiences at a Johara Dance show experience a combination of dance and physical theatre, which has the power to communicate across language or cultural barriers. Our productions tell dramatic stories, drawn from well-known myths and archetypes, and express facets of human experience that speak to everyone.   Check out the Johara web site:  Email  if you are interested in joining Johara.

Helwa Belly Dance Company: 

Based in the North East, Helwa is a semi professional dance company.  Choreographer and Mentor, Kay Taylor, sees this as a vehicle to develop dancers.  Kay is passionate about providing opportunities to challenge and inspire dancers.  Helwa are currently rehearsing a new show ‘Belly Dance – a True Story’ which they are taking to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2018.  Their last show toured the North of England and went to the Fringe with great reviews: click here to see extracts.  Current members include:  Joanne Miller, Samantha Smyth, Ellie Armstrong, Kim Young,  Moyra Banks, Seraphina, Nicole Pattinson and Yuvna Kim.  They featured at Arabesque nights on the last show and are delighted to be bringing their dance to London again.

Helwa want to give you a glimpse of their diversity, an insight into what they are passionate about …… and they want to wear amazing colourful costumes and have a great time!  Belly Dance should be fun whatever level you take it to.  ‘Haway the lasses’ as they say in the North East!  You can join them and follow their adventures on Facebook:   Contact Kay:  if you are interested in joining Helwa.

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