Bellydance Safely – JSC40 – Zoom course Jan / March 2021

Bellydance Safely – JSC40 – Zoom course Jan / March 2021


Location: Online

Weekend 1: Jan 23rd 2021 - Jan 24th 2021 / 9am - 5pm

Weekend 2: Mar 7th 2021 - Mar 21st 2021 / Weekend 2 is 2 single days, each 9am - 5pm

‘Safe Delivery of Belly Dance Classes’

A £50 non refundable first payment is required to secure your place on this course. Full payment details / costs are below.  We are offering this course online via Zoom.  It has been updated and has additional modules which include risk assessments and coronavirus as part of our Health and Safety – and a whole new module on teaching classes with zoom effectively.

To get the most from this course, you must have good wifi and a device which is fully compatible with Zoom.  You need a quiet space to work from without interruptions.  A desk and a space to dance and for practical sessions.  It needn’t be a big space but you do need a clear area.

This course is aimed at people who are already teaching or are considering teaching and want to ensure that they are doing so safely.  Some individuals have found it useful to do for their own information, not to teach.  ‘Safe Delivery of Belly Dance Classes’ is certified and accredited by JWAAD.
Tutors:     Dorte Johansen and Galit Mersand

Breakdown of payments over 4 instalments:

  • Non-refundable part payment to reserve your place: £50
  • 2nd payment: £155 payable 4 weeks before the start of the course
  • There is a 6 week gap for you to complete your assignments
  • 3rd payment due at weekend 1:  £80
  • 2 week gap for your to hone your zoom techniques and practice your warm up – you will also have an individual technique review with one of our tutors through this time.  The cost is included within the course.
  • 4th payment due on day 3  –  £85

Total cost :  £370
You can choose to pay this all at once or in instalments as above.

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To Book:

  • Click ‘Add to Basket’ below to pay your £50 non refundable part payment.

You are expected to be able to execute basic belly dance moves clearly.
If unsure of the suitability of this course, please call Kay on 0191 565 2920.

Email: Tel: 0191 565 2920

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