Build an Improvised Dance to Baladi Awady with Abeer

Build an Improvised Dance to Baladi Awady with Abeer


Location: Zoom - online

Date: Jun 27th 2021 - Jun 27th 2021

Time: 3.30 - 5.30pm (UK time)

Abeer explains the structure of a piece of Baladi Awady music.  What to listen for, ways of interpreting it and ideas for moves to use.

She explains how to apply them and effective ways of structuring your improvisation.

This 2 hour workshop promises to be informative, fascinating and fun.

Abeer was delighted to be asked to teach this as baladi is her favourite style.  It reminds her of home and she helps you find that authentic baladi feel to your dance.  Abeer trained with a university folklore troupe in Egypt but now lives in Germany with her husband.

To get the most from this, sign up for the lecture beforehand ‘Recognise Baladi Music’ also with Abeer.  These sessions are designed to consolidate information found in our online course ‘Bellydance Music Explored’.

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