Recognising Baladi Music: Lecture with Abeer

Recognising Baladi Music: Lecture with Abeer


Location: Zoom - online

Date: Jun 27th 2021 - Jun 27th 2021

Time: 2 - 3pm (UK)

Abeer Will explains the different types of music you find within the baladi genre and how to recognise them.

Recognising baladi music, particularly the intricacies of Tet baladi and Baladi Awady is a bit of a mystery when we start dancing.  Abeer explains the differences and what to listen out for.  This will help you recognise the range of music covered by the label ‘Baladi’.

This lecture is FREE to dancers who subscribe to ‘Bellydance Music Explored’ As part of the course you have access to 6 lectures a year for free.  The coupon code to book on this lecture for free is on the private FB group of the same name.  Subscribe now to get your free access code.

The lecture will be followed by a workshop focussing on building an improvised dance to Baladi Awady.

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