What should I study?

Whether you already teach or are thinking of teaching, you want to give your students a ‘quality’ class.
If you already teach, the Safety course will refresh your safety knowledge and help you identify ways to help your students reach their full potential.  The Music and History & Culture courses will inform your teaching, give you new ideas and inspiration.  Our final ‘Teaching Methods’ course will give your classes a fresh perspective, revitalise them …… and refresh your enthusiasm.
If you are thinking of teaching, our Teaching Diploma will give you confidence, knowledge and skills which you can take on your teaching journey.  It can take you a couple of years to complete the diploma.  Click here for more details.

Why should I study with JWAAD?

JWAAD offers the only courses at Level 3 (A level complexity) accredited by an external awarding body.  The teachers on our courses are experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects.  We want you to be the best possible teacher and dancer that you can be.  Our courses are a combination of academic work, practical application and dance classes, which makes for a great balance.
We also offer ongoing support to teachers who train with us.  On completion of the Safety course, you have access to the JWAAD Resource area for teachers – and we will list any classes or events you organise to help you publicise them.
The JWAAD website is the ‘Go To’ place to find a belly dance class in the UK.

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