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This page tells you all about our ‘Understanding Music used in Bellydance’ course, what it includes and how useful it can be to you as both a dancer and a teacher.  A certified course designed specially for bellydancers, accredited by One Awards.

This course is in depth and fascinating – a game changer.  It gives you the foundations with which to hear music and dance to it.  An inspirational course.  Whether you dance, teach or perform, you will get so much from this.  A great balance of academic work, practical application and dance classes.

This course has a credit value of 4, which means there are approximately 45 hours of tuition and guided learning over two weekends.  This page is for those who want to work towards the teaching diploma – if you just want to get the accreditation, go to this link.

Specialist Tutors include: Josephine Wise, Yasmina of Cairo, Raphaelle Masson, Kay Taylor, Gwen Booth, Claire Barnfather, Catherine Bartholemew and Ishtar (Dorte Evelyn). Fusion Specialist: Hilde Cannoodt or Charlotte Wassell.  Percussionist, Joelle Barker or Tim Garside, on weekend 2  We have at least 3 tutors delivering each music course. Check each course for specific tutors.

  • Suitable for:
    • Teachers of Belly Dance
    • Performers of Belly Dance
    • Musicians may also find it useful to enable them to put the music in context and understand it from a dancer’s perspective.
    What is included?
    • Recognising Middle Eastern musical instruments
    • Understanding Middle Eastern rhythms
    • Recognising Middle Eastern musical styles
    • Working with live Tabla to create your own Tabla solo
    • Playing basic rhythms
    • Introduction to sagat
    • Dance classes with a focus on musical recognition and interpretation
    • Introduction to key singers and composers
    • Identifying iconic pieces of music
    • Building a portfolio of evidence for the One Awards
    2 additional classes each weekend pitched at a higher level for our diploma courses – relevant to both teachers and performers.

Not only do you have our wonderfully experienced tutors who deliver these courses, you also have access to an exclusive on line resource area from the first weekend of your course until you finish.  We deliver this accredited bellydance course in London, Sunderland / Newcastle, Edinburgh and Manchester.

‘This course changed how I hear music, not only that, my dance has changed too … and for the better.  I cannot recommend this course highly enough’  T Harker

Remember if you are not yet registered for the JWAAD Teaching Diploma, get in touch.  You need a Technique Review first:

Music course breakdown of Costs and Payments

  • Non-refundable deposit to reserve your place: £50
  • Payment for Weekend 1: £220 payable 4 weeks before the start of the course
  • Payment for Weekend 2: £245 payable at Weekend 1 of the course
  • Optional – the One Awards registration fee will also be payable on weekend 1 (£35)

Costs reflect the fact that this is a longer course starting Friday afternoon/evening and that we have a tabla player on weekend 2 and a Fusion specialist.  Total cost including registration fee:

Total Cost:     £515 (excluding OA registration)

4.5 days of tuition spread across 2 weekends.  Approximately 45 hours of tuition and guided learning.  Weekend 1 starts on the Friday with 4 hours of tuition and is then 9am – 5pm each of the other days.  Check individual courses for times.  This is the only accredited bellydance music course of its kind and forms a part of our certified bellydance teaching diploma.

Courses are based on a minimum number of people, so cancellations made within 7 days of the start date will not receive a refund.
By enrolling for a course you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions

Watch the video for an overview of the course:

Dance classes including live tabla

Supportive academic classes

Discussion and group work … and fun!


Upcoming Courses

TD Bellydance Music JUM13 London 9/10/11 October 2020 & 6/7 Feb 2021

Location: Chiswick Catholic Centre, Dukes Avenue, London, W4 2AE

Weekend 1: Oct 9th 2020 - Oct 11th 2020 / 18.00 - 21.00 on Friday then 9am - 17.00 Saturday and 9.00 - 17.00 Sunday

Weekend 2: Feb 6th 2021 - Feb 7th 2021 / 09.00 - 17.00 aprox

Our fabulous music course is fascinating and will inform how you dance forever.  It...

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