Hilary Benoit – Zahara

Classes:  Ledbury
Recently moved back to the UK from the USA, Zahara was trained in classical ballet technique (Royal Academy of Dancing (RAD)) and studied middle eastern dance in the USA with Jaka and Katayoun (Virginia, USA) as well as with some of the international “greats” of bellydance, including Nadia Hamdi, Suhaila Salimpour, Eva Cernik, Artemis, Aziz, Laurel Victoria Gray, Morocco, Faten Salama, Adriana, Jillina, and Ansuya (Bellydance Superstars). She has danced and performed middle eastern dance/belly dance (raks sharki) in the United States and Turkey for more than 20 years and continues to hone her technique and skills through workshops and seminars with other dance teachers and performers. The emphasis in her classes is to have fun, enjoy the dance, develop core competency in foundation movements, and for students to find their own style.

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