Melanie Collier

Weekly Classes:  Spittal.  Melanie is a teacher and performer based in Pembrokeshire, Wales, teaming up regularly with Ceredigion-based teacher Rose Barter to organise belly dance events. She started belly dance in her mid 40s, after a 12 year break when ill-health closed the door on her previous passions of ballet and contemporary dance. She believes that dance should be accessible for everyone, regardless of age, size, weight or level of fitness. Members of her classes who wish to perform come together as the Imago Belly Dancers, a combined classes troupe. The classes and the performance troupe contain dancers of mixed experience and abilities, with an emphasis on inclusivity, individuality and creativity. Her company name, Imago, reflects her passion for the transformational power of dance in general and belly dance in particular, as well as her love for butterflies and moths. Melanie is a member of the Foundation for Community Dance, and an affiliate of JWAAD (Josephine Wise Academy of Arabic Dance) Teacher’s Association. As Dancing Moth, Melanie blogs, and creates various pretty things to wear, use or otherwise look at using beads, wire, yarn, fabric and pictures. She is also available for work in transcription, proof reading, copy-editing and data entry, as well as facilitating in Essential Skills classes.

JWAAD Certification
Safe Delivery of Belly Dance Classes

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