Melanie Long

Weekly Classes:  Tregaron.  Melanie says ‘Having explored all types of dance in my youth, I was lucky enough to stumble upon belly-dance classes as soon as I moved to Wales 20 years ago, and this offered me the opportunity to build a social group of like-minded women, helping me to settle in quickly to my new environment. I had just given birth, and the classes helped to get me back in shape, but also to accept the changes in my body as something to embrace, as a reflection of my female strengths. I struggle with performance anxiety, but the nurturing environment of the dance community, and the encouragement of the teachers I have been lucky enough to learn from, has helped me to gain courage and strategies, not just for dancing in public, but for presenting academic papers and giving lectures, at the universities where I work, and also for just holding my own in difficult situations. This summer I completed the JWAAD Safety course, and now hope to pass on this wonderful experience to other women.

JWAAD Certification
Safe Delivery of Belly Dance Classes

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