Rosemary LeFevre

Weekly Classes:  Norwich area.  Rosie says ‘I have always loved dance and music. Over the years I have done Scottish, Irish, World Folk, Tap, Jazz and Ballet.I am learning Latin and Ballroom and Belly Dance (of course!) I was Head Manager of the managers in a Drill Team at High School in America and was fortunate to do some dance training with them. I started learning Belly Dance through DVD’s, videos and books 17 years or so ago. Ten years later I joined a class. I continue to attend classes, private lessons and workshops. I perform at Haflas and local events. I am very lucky to take lessons regularly from Galit Mersand on Skype. I teach different ages and abilities in Norwich. This year I intend learn, teach more, teach workshops and host guest tutors to deliver workshops. I intend to continue to take the JWAAD modules and complete the teacher training course.’

JWAAD Certification
Safe Delivery of Belly Dance Classes
The Influence of History and Culture upon Belly Dance
Understanding Music Used in Belly Dance

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