A belly dance workshop taught by Jo Wise in Oxford 2014Workshops with Josephine Wise

Josephine teaches weekend workshops in many areas of the UK and abroad. If you would like to organise a workshop in your area click here.

Private Lessons with Josephine Wise

You can take private lessons regularly or on an occasional basis. There are several types:

Personal Assessment: Personal Assessments can be taken at any time in the form of a private lesson. This will tell you what level of JWAAD classes and workshops are suitable for you, whether you are ready to go up a level, and where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

Personal coaching in technique, styles or props.

Personal choreography created for you (there is an extra fee for this).


Prices depend on length of lesson and which of our studios is available.
There is a discount if you are already studying with a JWAAD teacher.
Two or more people can share a private lesson for a reduced fee per person.


Josephine Wise in red costume ready to perform belly dance to the publicVideo Instruction with Josephine Wise

If you cannot get to London for a private lesson and you want an assessment of your technique, choreography, performance skills or all three, you can post a DVD or send a link to your online dance clip. Josephine will email you a full assessment, feedback on your dancing and recommendations as to how to improve. You can also request choreography to be created to your choice of music, with a video, breakdown and written choreography sent to you.


If you want to book a private lesson with Josephine click here. Please bear in mind that lessons often have to be booked some time in advance and that there is sometimes a waiting list.