Summer School

A message from Josephine Wise

Hello my lovely Summer School dancers,

I hope you and your families are all well and healthy. I am well and so is Sophie. So far we’ve been able to keep away from the virus and to keep in good spirits.

I have been in close contact (but not too close!) with Wellington College over the past couple of weeks, and have just heard from them today. Unfortunately they have decided to close the college for the whole summer, and cancel all their summer bookings. This takes the decision out of my hands, and so I am writing to tell you that the Summer School 2020 is now cancelled.

I am so sad about this, and have had a little cry, but have now had time to think through the future of Summer School.

Wellington has indicated that next year we would have a similar date, so remember to keep Thursday 19 August to Thursday 26 August 2021 free.

To those of you who come to Summer School to frolic but who also teach classes and give us your expertise in a bewildering variety of styles, I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart (or is that the heart of my bottom? I’m not sure). Thank you for sending us your fabulous subjects for this year and preparing yourselves to teach, and for spreading the love (and technique) to the other dancers so well. I look forward to having you to teach in 2021 if all is well.

To everyone:
I would like to thank you all for making the Summer School such a delight each year, and I will miss you terribly. The Summer School has been a highlight of my year for 29 years, and it is such a fundamental part of me that I can’t imagine life without it. However, I am confident that we will all be back together in 2021. Apart from anything else, it will still be the 30th Summer School, and we will still need to have our 30th birthday party!

All my love to you,

To find out what we plan to offer at the next Summer School see below


30th Birthday!

To be celebrated in 2021

7 days: to be confirmed
5 days:to be confirmed
3 days:to be confirmed
2 days:to be confirmed

Join us for days jam-packed with dance in a beautiful historic setting.

2020 is the year JWAAD turns 30 years old, and we will be celebrating the 30th Summer School in style in August 2021.

We will have lots of new and exciting things to tempt you throughout the week including:

Three shows:
— Exclusive show ‘A Bellydance Odyssey’ by Helwa and Johara Dance Companies
— Onstage with Live Music – a new show that you can apply to perform in (Professional Performance Course)
— Gala Show – All Summer School dancers are invited to perform a solo or dance they have brought with them or in group dances learned during the week

Star teachers for this year:
— Abeer Wills – from Egypt/Germany
— Yasmina – from UK/Egypt
— Maelle Mayel – from UK/France

JWAAD Master Teachers:
— Josephine Wise
— Kay Taylor
— Gwen Booth
— Raphaelle Masson
— Catherine Bartholomew
— Ishtar

— over 45 hours of workshops and activities
— over 15 fabulous teachers from the UK and abroad
— workshops at all levels in a huge choice of dance styles
— advanced level masterclasses and workshops with live Egyptian music
— shopping in the souk and a wonderful fashion show

This intensive residential course will provide a wonderful boost to your technique and performance. We have a huge choice of classes and activities for all levels, with over fourteen fabulous teachers, including JWAAD’s most senior and experienced tutors and visiting teachers from the UK and abroad.

You can spend your days taking classes in a wide variety of styles of Middle Eastern and Fusion dance, classes with Egyptian musicians, work on technique, rhythm and choreography. You can book a private lesson with one of our teachers, or you can spend time relaxing in the gardens, walking in the woods, shopping in the souk, or enjoying a drink in one of the cafés.

Evening entertainment includes a hafla, fancy dress party, theatre show (with you in it!), talent night, and fun in the common rooms!

The Courses

We have over 45 hours of classes and activities including:

— Authentic Egyptian and Middle Eastern Styles
— Advanced level masterclasses
— Workshops with live music
— Classes on technique and rhythm
— Classes on choreography and performance
— A variety of fusion styles
— Dances to learn and perform
— Daily sagat/zill practice
— A souk with dance gear for sale all week
— Weekenders can perform at our Hafla
— A chance to wear a fabulous costume in the fashion show
— A relaxed and fun talent evening
— A chance to perform solo or in groups in our Theatre show
— Time to relax, socialise or go for a walk in the grounds

Professional and Advanced Dancers at Summer School

There are plenty of high-level classes to keep you challenged and learning, as well as performance opportunities. More information coming soon.

Classes and Levels

All classes and activities are optional. You do not have to book classes in advance, just decide what you fancy doing each day.

You are welcome to do classes at different levels in different subjects. For instance, you might decide to do a lower level in stick than veil, if you haven’t done much stick dance before but are a bit of a veil expert. You may choose whichever ones you want to go to, but do remember that teachers cannot slow down a class if you have chosen one that it too hard for you. Level 4 classes are restricted to level 4 dancers in order to give them enough space to dance.

You can choose between:

— 7 days for the full experience – show/parties/all activities
— 5 days – includes two parties and our wonderful show
— 3 days – stretch that weekend a little further
— 2 days – includes our Saturday hafla
Your booking includes all meals, classes and activities, and use of all facilities (non-residential does not include breakfast).

Our Wonderful Venue

Wellington College, Berkshire, is the magnificent setting for our courses, with a huge complex of historic buildings, enormous grounds, lakes (including Swan Lake!), gardens, an outdoor swimming pool and modern theatre. We will dance in a mixture of gorgeous historic halls and modern dance studios.

Click here for map
Click here for the history of Wellington College

Tea and coffee making facilities are provided in our accommodation and there are two cafes (one is a cafe/bar) on site. All meals are included and there is a good choice of dishes at every meal. Vegetarian and vegan diets are catered for (please state when booking).


Accommodation is comfortable and modern, though not ensuite. We have mostly single rooms plus a small number of shared rooms for 7-day bookings only. We can often provide sharers if needed. If you’d like shared accommodation, book early as these rooms often fill up fast. We always endeavour to put friends together or very close to each other, so let us know who your friends are!

Getting to Summer School

Click here for travel instructions by train and car. If you come by car there is plenty of parking.

Summer School dancers recreate the Battle of Waterloo!

Wellington College
RG45 7PU

If you have any questions about Summer School please email or phone 07531 357 846

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